Welcome to my portfolio


Welcome to my online teaching portfolio. My name is Sara Herrero Arnanz and I am an adventurous, creative and energetic Spanish teacher.

Above you can access my resumé, my teaching philosophy, and examples of the use technology I do in my classes. You can also read in the Blog section some of my reflections about education.

Fell free to write comments or get in touch with me for further information about me.

About me

I was born and raised in Valladolid, a medium size city in the centre of the beautiful Spain. My love for languages and interest in languages and  cultures has its roots in my Social Work studies and subsequent volunteer work experiences which took me to complete a BA in Primary Education and postgraduate in Bilingual Teaching and Content Language Integrated Learning.

Over the last ten years I volunteered and worked in educational development programs in disadvantaged communities in Spain, Greece, Chicago, and Thailand. Each overseas experience contributed differently to my personal and professional development and I greatly benefited because I was able to relate to people in both English and Spanish. My language abilities also enhanced my understanding of foreign cultures, while increasing awareness of my own, and it is my desire to share such gifts offered by language with others. My goal is to teach Languages internationally and instill in students a love of languages and cultures that provides them with authentic opportunities to become active global citizens.


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